01. Eun-Joo is trying to [persuade] her parents to let her go to New Zealand to study English.
02. It took a lot of [persuasion] to get my children to eat their broccoli.
03. She is a very [persuasive] speaker; by the end of the debate, she had everyone on her side.
04. His girlfriend [persuaded] him to move to Jefferson City with her while she went to school.
05. The police were finally able to [persuade] the bank robbers to release their hostages, and give themselves up.
06. The party's poor showing in the polls has [persuaded] the leader to step down.
07. It took the child weeks to [persuade] her mother to let her get a kitten.
08. There is a proverb which states that the shepherd always tries to [persuade] the sheep that their interests, and his own are the same.
09. Gilbert Highet once asked, "What is politics, but [persuading] the public to vote for this, and support that, and endure these for the promise of those?"
10. Winston Churchill once said, "My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to [persuade] my wife to marry me."
11. One of my co-workers is trying to [persuade] us to use a new software program for doing the company accounts, but I'm a little unsure about it.
12. In 1919, Uruguay's President [persuaded] the government to adopt a law in which authority would be shared equally among several leaders.
13. In the nation of Bhutan, it is forbidden to try to [persuade] or force somewhat to change their religion.
14. The government of Denmark has initiated an aggressive campaign to [persuade] the Danish people to give up smoking.
15. Dean Rusk once said that one of the best ways to [persuade] others is with your ears - by listening to them.
16. In 1817, the British government gave the Spanish government £400,000 and the Portuguese government £900,000 to [persuade] them to sign treaties outlawing slavery

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